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Hello there! I'm Kristina, the one this site is allllllllllll about. For more about me, see the 'About Me' page!


Losing Track…


Oh dear. It’s been an busy couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts. Sorry about that. From tomorrow I will be right back on track. I haven’t done anything too structured this week, apart from Zumba yesterday. I will get back into it properly from tomorrow. I am about to run out the door […]

Week Something or other…


Sorry for the lack of updates once again. Life is busy. I forgot to put up measurements last Sunday, so let us catch up: Bust: 121cm Waist: 111cm Hips: 131cm Upper Arm: 43cm Thigh: 71cm No change. Grrr. And the scales have gone crazy – I think they have finally succumbed to the wees of […]

A Little bit of Luxury….


I read about this online and tried it last night. Just heavenly. Chocolate Coffee Body Scrub Mix 1/4c ground coffee, 3T cocoa powder, 1c sugar, 2T honey and mix with oil (olive or whatever) into a thick paste. Go and stand in the shower/bath. Be warned, it’s quite messy. Wet yourself all over. And then […]

Week 24


So I am still being very well behaved… eating very well – although I am trying to work out what made me feel so very sluggish yesterday afternoon – food diary yesterday was rice bubbles, pears and milk for breakfast, an orange for morning tea, a salad sandwich for lunch, a pear and two rice […]

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Ten point Four


Is the number of kilograms I have lost in 23 weeks (yay!). Without further ado, here are el mesaurementos: Weight: 119.1kg Bust: 121cm Waist: 111cm Hips: 131cm Upper Arm: 43cm Thigh: 71cm I have not weighed in for a number of weeks now, but apprehensively put the batteries in today, very scared that they would […]

Day Two!


Helloooooooo. I went to Balance last night, was great to get back into it. Off to the gym this morning – just having some muesli for breakfast. Yum!

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Back on the Band Wagon


I have purchased my wedding dress. I need to get skinnier to fit into it. Therefore, the wagon hitching starts today. I am going to Balance tonight to ease into things, then back to the gym tomorrow. I will eat well this week and hopefully see some results – and I will be getting on […]

Week… I don’t know


Hi Chaps, Apologies (especially to Mum) for the lack of update over the past two or three weeks. I have been enjoying the Christmas holidays… while possibly indulging in a little bit too much food! The weather has been great and we have enjoyed being out and about in the sun. Was ridiculously hot yesterday […]

Week 19 – Ends


Dear Followers, It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Last week I did balance, the gym, aquarobics, a swim, the gym and then I hurt my back. This week I did 2 x swims (and then couldn’t do any more since the pools were full with water polo kids), and a whole lot […]

A Task for my Merry Followers


Right. I have been doing lots of reading over the last few days (Thanks Woman’s Health and the internet). I have done learning about how if you want to keep weight off, you have to knock off the white stuff (potatoes, white rice, white bread and so on). Ze Germans have done a study on […]

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