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Week 14 (yay!)


Week 14 has come to a close. There are some good results this week!

Weight: 122.4kg
Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 71cm

That is a total of 700 grams gone, and 4cm (finally! 2cm off my arm this week) in measurements.

And now, a graph of weightloss:

Now, I feel obliged to point out, for those of you who are sucky at maths… that is 7.1kg gone!!! SEVEN POINT ONE KILOGRAMS!

And now, my food diary for the last two days:

Breakfast – cereal and milk
Lunch – chicken and salad sandwich and a custard square (hehe)
Dinner – Hawaiian Pizza and chips (I know, I know)
But there were no snacks since I was on a course.

Breakfast – Toast and hummus
Lunch – McChicken Combo (whoops!)
Dinner – Mince with onion and mushroom and sundried tomato pesto on toast
Snacks – nil

I have been trying hard for this no white stuff, and was successful until the pizza and the burger. But that’s not too bad, I think. I still lost 700 grams!

And exercise this week – Monday was a walk and Balance, Tuesday was the gym, Wednesday was Aqua, Thursday I was too tired, Friday I was busy, Saturday was balance (thanks Te Zumba for not showing up!) and LOTS of walking around at work (and cleaning, scrubbing and so on) and today is a rest day – although I am working this afternoon so that will be more walking and stuff.

Not too bad.