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Weigh in Day


So the gym has new scales.

Since last week, I have lost 1.1kg.

Dad, for you, this means a total now of 11.5kg, which also means 23 packs of butter GONE!

I did a 5.3km walk at the gym yesterday, about half of which with a .5% to 1% incline. Which I did notice, I puffed a little bit more. I will be going to the gym tomorrow morning, and then Sunday morning before work. And in between I wil try and fit in a couple of swims or something.

I am officially back on track!



I thought I would have a look at what I have lost, centimetre-wise since I started the Quest of Slimness. So, without further ado…

Bust: 15cm
Waist: 17cm
Hips: 17cm
Upper Arm: 3cm
Thigh: 9cm

Giving a grand total of 61cm. Percentage wise, I have lost 12% of my starting roundness. Which is good, but I need to work harder. I went to Balance last night – there was a NINE MINUTE ab track, and I can hardly move today. I am going for a swim before work though, to loosen things up.

Week 31!



Thanks everyone for your love over the last few weeks – been really slack and had some trying times. But nevermind, all is not lost! I have done some measurements this morning:

Bust: 118cm (ha! that is 3 gone)
Waist: 109cm (2cm gone)
Hips: 130cm (1cm gone)
Upper Arm: 43cm
Thigh: 71cm

Still no scales, but I will be using the ones in the gym as of tomorrow. So 6cm gone. Not too bad, I guess, since there has been some badness along the way. I have been doing swimming, but lots of blobbing around the last couple of weekends. My calves have definately toned up, they are looking a lot sleeker and musclier (or however that is spelt). Thanks flippers! I have also learnt that eating 1 50g bar of chocolate (like the ones you buy by the supermarket checkout) takes SEVENTY minutes of going up and down stairs to burn off! No more chocolate for me (except the dark dark choccy – just a couple of squares of that is enough to get me through).

Today is the day I officially get back on track. I have made both a housework and an exercise schedule and I am going to stick to it. Tonight I am going to try the new Balance class – it has a 9 minute ab track (eeek! I might not be able to cough/laugh/walk tomorrow), and from there on there is swimming from Tuesday – Friday, and Zumba on Saturday. Sunday shall remain the day of rest and no housework. I am making salad for lunch today, and shall continue to do so (incidentally, I am going to make a mini salad box for the windowsill, containing microgreens. More on this later).

And you shall all be pleased to know that I was walking in the supermarket yesterday and my skirt nearly fell off. So that must count for something as well!

I will also be using this blog from now on for wedding updates, as my get skinny goal is now for the wedding. We will have confirmed dates in a week or so, and then we can get planning!

In the meantime, my merry band of followers… let me know what you’ve been up to – if you’ve got any good ideas about winter exercise post them up for us – I find winter a good excuse to eat heartier things and snuggle up in the warm, rather than being out and about. But, I do have a heated pool and hot gym to use, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue this time around.

One last note – Hi Cheryl! Thanks for posting – where abouts in the country are you?

Ten point Four


Is the number of kilograms I have lost in 23 weeks (yay!).

Without further ado, here are el mesaurementos:

Weight: 119.1kg
Bust: 121cm
Waist: 111cm
Hips: 131cm
Upper Arm: 43cm
Thigh: 71cm

I have not weighed in for a number of weeks now, but apprehensively put the batteries in today, very scared that they would tell me a bad number after the indulgence of Christmas. But no, they told me good things. And really, so they should have after this week, for here is what I have done:

Monday – Balance. Tuesday – Gym. Wednesday – nothing (well, furious cleaning). Thursday – swimming. Friday – Gym. Saturday – Balance and Zumba. Sunday – 2.5km walk.

So it has been a busy week with lots of healthy eating – lots of salads with tuna and chickpeas. Yum! Alex caught a nice lot of snapper and trevally which we ate on Friday night with Mum and Dad, and had smoked snapper today for lunch. Snapper also for dinner – I think I will crumb, with kumara chips and salad. Most excellent.

The Wedding Dress has arrived – so I now have a good goal to get into. It’s a 16-18, so I have a bit of work to do. We have our engagement tea party in a couple of Sundays, so am thinking of healthy things to do for that (ass I have come up with so far are club sandwiches. The rest isn’t so good, but hey, everything in moderation.

Good things ahead!!

Week 19 – Ends


Dear Followers,

It has been a very busy couple of weeks. Last week I did balance, the gym, aquarobics, a swim, the gym and then I hurt my back. This week I did 2 x swims (and then couldn’t do any more since the pools were full with water polo kids), and a whole lot of walking (especially yesterday). My back is still sore – I haven’t taken any pain stuff this morning to see how it is and it’s still quite titchy. Which is a bit annoying. Even little things like getting stuff out of the bottom of the trolley was a bit sore yesterday. Hoping to feel better this week – will do swimming each day rather than anything to intense, as I would like to be in top form for the holidays.

So, here are me measurements:
Bust: 121cm
Waist: 110cm
Hips: 130cm
Upper Arm: 43cm
Thigh: 70cm

Which is a total of 8cm gone, and a grand total of 58cm gone Unfortunately I keep forgetting to buy batteries for the scales. I’m quite happy with the results since I haven’t really been able to do anything too intense.

Now… Christmas… I’m going to have to work hard to keep it all off – but I think Mum has lots of plans for walking while we are over there. If anything I should come back skinnier!!

Week 17 – End


Hi all,

Sorry, not a lot of updates this week, we’ve been enjoying the summer and it’s been quite busy with lots of work on.

Exercise this week – 1 x gym session, 2 x hour long swim/aquajog sessions and today I went for a long walk.

Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 71cm

No change from last week. And the scales have died so I am not sure of weightloss this week, although I don’t think I have lost any – I am pleased to maintain though.

Next week I will be properly back into the swing of things – walk and balance tomorrow, gym on Tuesday, aqua on Wednesday, swim on Thursday, gym on Friday and Balance/Zumba on Sunday.

I think I’ve slowed down so much because of the lack of Zumba now for a month (due to having to work on Zumba day). Looking VERy forward to going this weekend!!!

Speedy Update


Hi everyone.

I have only stood on the scales this morning – no time for measurements (will do that tonight).

122.3kg – which is a 200 gram loss (small but accountable, none the less). Which I am pleased with since I only went to the gym and a swim this week since there has been mucho excitement!

Will post more – I am now going to official at the Santa Parade!

Engagement Ahoy!!


I’ve been good exercising and eating and all (gym Tuesday, swim today, lots o’ salad).

Big news though – We’re engaged!


At Heidi’s Request


Hi Heidi!

As requested, here are the measurements I have lost:

Bust: 133cm
Waist: 126cm
Hips: 147cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 80cm

Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 71cm

Have Lost:
Bust: 11cm
Waist: 13cm
Hips: 15cm
Upper Arm: 2cm
Thigh: 9cm

A total of 50cm – oh my goodness!!!! Who would have guessed I would have lost half a metre! I am especially pleased with my waist, hip and thigh results (especially for a while there I was thinking I wasn’t losing anything off my things – turns out I actually was!).

Dad is alright – he was allowed home yesterday on crutches. The doctor said the little bit of metal went in further than if he got shot with a .22 (ouch!). He also gets to keep the piece of metal.

On the exercise front, I didn’t do anything on Monday as I had other stuff to do. Yesterday I went to the gym for an hour and today is aquarobics. I have been eating well – I had salad with lettuce, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, a slice of shaved ham chopped up, mashed egg and some chickpeas for lunch yesterday. Same again today!

Week 15 – Finish



I am actually a bit miffed with the results this week.

Weight: 122.4kg
Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 71cm

No change. After the Balance class, an hour of sweat at the gym, an aqua class, a 2.5km walk, and another sweaty gym session, nothing! Nada, zip, zero.


And I worked so hard… and I ate so well!

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