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At Heidi’s Request


Hi Heidi!

As requested, here are the measurements I have lost:

Bust: 133cm
Waist: 126cm
Hips: 147cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 80cm

Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 71cm

Have Lost:
Bust: 11cm
Waist: 13cm
Hips: 15cm
Upper Arm: 2cm
Thigh: 9cm

A total of 50cm – oh my goodness!!!! Who would have guessed I would have lost half a metre! I am especially pleased with my waist, hip and thigh results (especially for a while there I was thinking I wasn’t losing anything off my things – turns out I actually was!).

Dad is alright – he was allowed home yesterday on crutches. The doctor said the little bit of metal went in further than if he got shot with a .22 (ouch!). He also gets to keep the piece of metal.

On the exercise front, I didn’t do anything on Monday as I had other stuff to do. Yesterday I went to the gym for an hour and today is aquarobics. I have been eating well – I had salad with lettuce, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, a slice of shaved ham chopped up, mashed egg and some chickpeas for lunch yesterday. Same again today!

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“At Heidi’s Request”

  1. November 23rd, 2010 at 8:44 pm      Reply Heidi Says:

    WOW!! Those resluts (yes I spelled it like that on purpose muahahaha) are awesome!! 15cms off your hips!!!! WOW!!
    Shame about the 11 off your bosums tho! Salad sounds yum as. Wish you would move in with us and cook for me!

    I am off to zumba tonight and have a home made rissotto with peas, corns and tomatoes for lunch- I have never made a risotto before- only the box ones…and everyone loved it. Even Kobe and he HATES rice rissotto…i can never rember if there are two ‘s’s or two ‘t’s lol

    Love you!- you are amazing.

  2. November 23rd, 2010 at 8:45 pm      Reply Heidi Says:

    hahaha I said rember lol stupid thing needs a spell check!

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