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Hello there! I'm Kristina, the one this site is allllllllllll about. For more about me, see the 'About Me' page!


New weigh in, just for Mum!


Hi Mum, The scales magically worked this morning. I have lost 800g this week, taking me down to 116.8kg. Total of 12.7kg gone. Not far to go for 15kg!

Weigh in Day


So the gym has new scales. Since last week, I have lost 1.1kg. Dad, for you, this means a total now of 11.5kg, which also means 23 packs of butter GONE! I did a 5.3km walk at the gym yesterday, about half of which with a .5% to 1% incline. Which I did notice, I […]

Marathon Madness!


So, at our group meeting at work, my manager brought up how he was doing a half marathon, and he’d like our team to join in. There is a 5km walk or run, 10km walk or run and then the half marathon. I am in the process of rounding up the troops, and we have […]

Kick in the Pants


Hello All. No change with measurements or anything. This means I must work harder. I did the maths yesterday (well SJ at work did!), and we worked out to lose between 10 and 15kg before getting the wedding, I must lose between 400g and 600g per week. I have found this excellent website,, which […]

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Walking and swimming


Are the activities I have done this week. I’ve been swimming a couple of times and this morning went for a 2.5km walk (lovely, just on daybreak) as I got up too late to go for a swim. I jumped on the scales at work on Tuesday – they went crazy! I’ve either put on […]



I thought I would have a look at what I have lost, centimetre-wise since I started the Quest of Slimness. So, without further ado… Bust: 15cm Waist: 17cm Hips: 17cm Upper Arm: 3cm Thigh: 9cm Giving a grand total of 61cm. Percentage wise, I have lost 12% of my starting roundness. Which is good, but […]

Tragedy Has Struck!


Alas! There is to be no more Zumba! Carla, our most fabulous instructor, can not get a work permit in NZ anymore (apparently we don’t need Brazilians to teach us how to Zumba). So it looks like I will have to find something else to do on a Saturday. I am going to try and […]

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Week 31!


Hello! Thanks everyone for your love over the last few weeks – been really slack and had some trying times. But nevermind, all is not lost! I have done some measurements this morning: Bust: 118cm (ha! that is 3 gone) Waist: 109cm (2cm gone) Hips: 130cm (1cm gone) Upper Arm: 43cm Thigh: 71cm Still no […]

Hello Chaps!


Once again, I apologise for the lack of updates. Between usual house stuff, lots of work, swimming and a funny internet collection (fixed now), there has not been much time to update things. I am still going swimming – I found some other softer flippers so no more blisters! I cut 7% off my 1km […]

Week 28 (who would have thought!)


Wow! I have been doing this for over half a year now. Who would have thought I would keep it up? I have decided to change my routine again, for two or three weeks and see if there are any noticeable changes. I went swimming yesterday, and did a total of 1.5km. I timed myself […]

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