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Hello Chaps!


Once again, I apologise for the lack of updates. Between usual house stuff, lots of work, swimming and a funny internet collection (fixed now), there has not been much time to update things.

I am still going swimming – I found some other softer flippers so no more blisters! I cut 7% off my 1km time on Tuesday (I’m doing Tuesday time trials) – which was about 2 minutes, so I was quite pleased with that. The softer flippers are bendier which also means I have to work harder.

Still doing lots of good eating – I am going to start keeping a food diary again. I watched a thing on Prime TV a few days ago about 10 things you need to know to loose weight – it’s the same things, less in, more out, but one thing we did find interesting was drinking calcium enriched milk, which can stop the fat molecules binding into your system and you just poo it out instead. Also keeping a food diary of everything… otherwise you don’t count the ‘healthy’ stuff, which does still count. Also learnt that soup keeps you fuller for longer – they did an experiment with some blokes from the army – half had chicken, veges and rice with 1c water, and the other had the same, but blended up. The water makes the food ‘wash away’ faster, leaving you hungrier quicker. So in soup form, it stays in your tummy longer, making you feel less hungry. Also need to include protein in every mean – 20% more protein with 20% less carbs will see you through to the next meal. Must do some research on this one to find suitable proteins.

Food diary today (well, the planned one), will be low calorie toast with peanut butter, an apple, a salad wrap with no dressing, an orange, sausages with kumara mash, carrots, peas and broccoli for dinner. I’m really craving sweet things after dinner, so will probably have some fruit and yogurt.

One of the girls at work has started on Jenny Craig this week, with the goal of losing 13kg by June. I’m closely watching what she is eating – it’s all good things such as meusli for breakfast, lots of yogurt and berries for snacks, baked potato and salad for lunch, chicken fettuccine for dinner and meusli bars for snacks as well. Getting some good ideas off her – but the main thing she is noticing is that the portion sizes are about half of what she would usually have. Lesson to be learnt here, methinks!

Unfortunately the scales are still bung, as are the ones at work. I’m still noticing changes – like my ring is easier to get off my finger and my ‘back flaps’ (hahha) have nearly gone. Also I have got some definition in my arms, which I have only just noticed. Will measure this week for everyone.

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“Hello Chaps!”

  1. February 19th, 2011 at 8:50 pm      Reply lynn Says:

    Hi, what a good update and good that ou are still noticing changes with the “back flaps” etc. That must be very encouraging to you. Does the girl doing Jenny Craig eat normal stuff that we buy at the supermarket or does she buy her food from them which I believe is what happens and they have it all weighed and portioned out because what we think she eats might not in fact be the case. Since wathcing the TV programme yesterday with my dinner last night, I deliberately put less on my plate and I still felt full so I thnk we might suffer from eyes bigger than belly syndrone and I am going to stck to that one. Anyway, it will be interesting to hear about the girl doing the Jenny Craig diet. Keep us posted.

    Love mum

  2. March 2nd, 2011 at 9:06 am      Reply Cheryl Says:

    Hi Kristina,
    I’ve just found your blog and it’s been interesting reading your progress. I’m on a weight-loss mission as well but you are doing so much better than I am! A wedding is awesome motivation, I had my best weight loss when I had the goal of fitting into my dress :)
    I just wanted to say keep up the good work and I’ll be here to cheer you on :)

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