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Week 14 (yay!)


Week 14 has come to a close. There are some good results this week!

Weight: 122.4kg
Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 132cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 71cm

That is a total of 700 grams gone, and 4cm (finally! 2cm off my arm this week) in measurements.

And now, a graph of weightloss:

Now, I feel obliged to point out, for those of you who are sucky at maths… that is 7.1kg gone!!! SEVEN POINT ONE KILOGRAMS!

And now, my food diary for the last two days:

Breakfast – cereal and milk
Lunch – chicken and salad sandwich and a custard square (hehe)
Dinner – Hawaiian Pizza and chips (I know, I know)
But there were no snacks since I was on a course.

Breakfast – Toast and hummus
Lunch – McChicken Combo (whoops!)
Dinner – Mince with onion and mushroom and sundried tomato pesto on toast
Snacks – nil

I have been trying hard for this no white stuff, and was successful until the pizza and the burger. But that’s not too bad, I think. I still lost 700 grams!

And exercise this week – Monday was a walk and Balance, Tuesday was the gym, Wednesday was Aqua, Thursday I was too tired, Friday I was busy, Saturday was balance (thanks Te Zumba for not showing up!) and LOTS of walking around at work (and cleaning, scrubbing and so on) and today is a rest day – although I am working this afternoon so that will be more walking and stuff.

Not too bad.

Week 13 – End!


Hi Chaps!

Weight: 123.1kg
Bust: 122cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 134cm
Upper Arm: 48cm
Thigh: 71cm

That’s a 400g loss, taking the total to 6.4kg. And 8cm gone. I can flex my abs and make myself “quite skinny” now. Haha!

I’m on track for 10kg by Christmas – with the shock of changing the routine I am thinking there will be greater results next week.

I’m also going potato free (which I am not pleased about), limiting bread intake (and only using Molemburg low calorie sort), and no pasta (unless it is wholemeal). I’ll be trialling this for two weeks and seeing how it goes. I will do a food diary every day so you can see the… err… progress.

Anyway, I am pleased with this week as it’s been quite tough.

Week 12 – End


Hi everyone.

Sorry about the lack of posting this week, it has been pretty non eventful.

This week I did LOTS of work outside in the garden, a couple of walks, Zumba and Balance. So not too athletic.

Weight: 123.5kg
Bust: 124cm
Waist: 115cm
Hips: 137cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 71cm

No change to last week. Which is okay. I have managed to maintain things, but it does go to show what the extra exercise does!

I do have a couple of sins to confess. I did consume a couple of choccy fish (and they were so good too), and I did some baking for Alex and made chocolate chip biscuits, and I did eat a few of them too. Back on the wagon next week!

I have a new goal – I would like to lose a total of 10kg by Christmas. I figure since I have been losing an average of 500g per week this is a realistic goal. More would be good, but my track record is not so good (bring back those first couple of weeks where the weight just melted off!).

Next week I am resetting my routine. I will be getting up at 7am to go for a walk – I may need to sleep in my clothes so I actually do get up (and then doing half an hour of cleaning after that), and then I will be doing some extras after work, e.g Aquarobics. I am also trying out AquaZumba on Thursday morning. And I will also be trying to find my flippers so I can do some pool zooming. I also have an appointment at the gym on Wednesday night to look at doing some targeted exercises (e.g. my bat wing arms). 10kg here I come!!

And now, a recipe for delicious Bran Muffins:

2c bran
1 c plain flour
2t baking powder
1t baking soda
1t cinnamon
1t mixed spice
3/4c lite condensed milk
1/2c warm water
1 egg, beaten
2T golden syrup
3 apples, grated
1/2c sultanas

Preheat oven to 200degC. Prepare muffin tins (this makes 12).

In a bowl, put bran, flour, baking powder and soda, cinnamon and spice. Stir. Add sultanas. Stir. Make a well in the middle.

In another small bowl, put in condensed milk, water, egg and golden syrup. Stir to combine. Pour into bran mixture, and add in grated apple. Stir to just combine, place in muffin tray and bake for about 15 minutes, until lovely and golden.


Week 11 comes to a close…


It’s been a very busy week this week. I have done the most exercise this week – an aqua class, a 2.5km walk, a 5km walk, an hour swim/aquajog, a Body Balance AND a Zumba class on the same day, and today I have done a long walk at the markets. And I need to work out how to adjust the length of the skipping rope so the bearings work properly – I tried some skipping and just about killed myself with the too-long-rope.

So, the measurements this week:

Weight: 123.5kg
Bust: 124cm
Waist: 115cm
Hips: 137cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 71cm

So for ALL of that work, I have only lost a measly 400 grams!! And there is no difference with the meaurements! I’m actually QUITE annoyed about this as I have worked really, really hard and eaten so well. Grrrr!

Dad: 43.1%, so that is .2% down from last week.

This week though does mark a milestone – I have lost 6kg! I can’t find anything fun that looks like 6kg, so just imagine 12 packets of butter.

This is enough motivation to keep me on track for next week. I am planning on going to BodyVive and Aqua tomorrow (one after the other), and then we shall see from there.

Week 8


Hello, my pretties.

Results this week:

Weight: 123.8kg
Bust: 126cm
Waist: 118cm
Hips: 138.5cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 77cm

So that is 700 grams less, and 1cm down. Et, only 1cm, for all the work this week!!

Total loss of 5.7kg.

Must pedal harder!!!

Week Seven


Good morning everyone!

I have just weighed in and the results are looking good!

Weight: 124.5kg

Bust: 126cm
Waist: 119cm
Hips: 138.5cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 77cm

So that is 600 grams lost, and overall 4.5cm. I thought today I would compare and see how many cm have come off various places:

Here are my original measurements:

Bust: 133cm
Waist: 126cm
Hips: 147cm
Upper Arm: 46cm
Thigh: 80cm

I have managed to lose:

Bust: 7cm
Waist: 7cm
Hips: 8.5cm
Upper Arm: 2cm
Thigh: 3cm

Well I am pretty pleased about that! Go the hips!

I am going to definitely make an appointment at the gym this week (probably on Wednesday, so I will miss aqua but will have a session in the gym instead) to look at how to better target some specific areas such as my bat wings and things/bum area.

I’ve also made a graph (because I am excited about the results!)

And for those who have not yet done the math, this means I have FINALLY managed to crack the 5kg mark! Yay!!!

Week Six – Fin


Hi everyone.

Week 6 has now come to and end. I have completed two aqua classes, a 2.5km and 1.5km walk and a Zumba class. I have also discovered Bran Flakes are much much much nicer when disguised with yogurt or fruit.

Weight: 125.1kg

Bust: 127cm
Waist: 119cm
Hips: 142cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 77cm

Which means a gain of 100 grams (however the scales may not be too good this week as they have suffered a case of cat wees – good one, Tripod), so hopefully once they dry out they may give me a better number. (Edit: First this this morning it was 400 grams gain, but I have re-weighed and it is not only 100 grams which is better!)

Measurement wise though, I have lost 7cm this week which means a 23cm loss all over (yay!).

This week I have noticed my thighs are feeling a bit smaller – even though it is only a 1cm loss, that measurement is from the widest part of my thigh and I think they are getting skinnier from the bottom up.

As a treat yesterday Alex and I went to the movies and I did have some popcorn, a fizzy drink and a chocolate coated icecream – that has been my only real treat for the last few weeks so indulge I did. So maybe that accounts for the weight gain.

I will do a mid week weigh in and see how things are going.

Next week: Week 7 – I am going to do two aqua classes and at least three walks, plus I would like to get some swimming in on Thursday and Friday. No Zumba as Misty and I are having a Girls Day Out (only 7 sleeps to go!) and we will be having our hair cut at Zumba time. Need to find my flippers so I can zoom up and down the lanes!

Week 4


This week has not been very good, due to sickness. I have tried to eat a more balanced diet, keeping in mind that not a low of energy is being exerted (except during coughing – man my abs hurt!).

I am still pleased to report a loss this week!

Weight: 125.0kg
Bust: 130cm
Waist: 122cm
Hips: 142cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 78cm

Weekly Total: 400 grams gone, and 2 cm less.
This works out to a total of 4.5kg gone, and all round 16 cm less.

I am happy to have kept on the downward trend – 400 grams still ads to the grand total. Hopefully this week I will start to feel more human (and my voice will come back!) and can resume the normal routine. I actually miss doing things and am a bit frustrated that I am not able to go and do Zumba etc. May have to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics – will see how I do this week.

And now I have a graph, which I will update once a month:

Neat fun!

Week Three – End


Week three has come to a very cold, wet, hailing, thunder-and-lightning end!

This week I managed two aquarobic classes, one Zumba class and a 3km walk. Feeling good. And good news, no more muffintop on the jeans! Yes! Actually I have noticed all round my clothes are feeling looser – I will need to buy some new work pants in the next couple of weeks.

Food – I have been very good an noted in an earlier post. I did have half of a small KitKat bar (shared with Alex) yesterday which was very nice, but didn’t leave me wanting more. Tonight for dinner we have wholemeal buns with home made meat patties, salad stuff (some home grown)

Now, down to the nuts and bolts:

Weight: 125.4kg
Bust: 130cm
Waist: 122cm
Hips: 143cm
Upper Arm: 44cm
Thigh: 79cm

Weekly Total: 1.1kg gone, and 4 cm less.
This works out to a total of 4.1kg gone, and all round 14 cm less.

I’m hoping to crack the 5kg mark at the end of next week!

I made note in my first post I would review at the end of August, and sort of have. Ultimately I would like to get to around 70kg, which means a total loss of 60kg (holy smoke, that’s like a whole person!), but for the moment I am going to break it down into smaller, achievable chunks that will keep me motivated. Like next week, 5kg. After that, I will be looking for another 5kg, total of 10. After that, another 10, and so on. Need to work out some sort of non food based treat that is cheap – any ideas, please comment!

Week Two Update


Here we go!

Weight: 126.5kg
Bust: 130cm
Waist: 124cm
Hips: 143.5cm
Upper Arm: 45.5cm
Thigh: 79cm

Weekly Total: 1.6kg gone, and 5.5cm less,
So that is a total of 3kg gone, and all round 10 cm less.

Here is what 1.6kg looks like:

This fish (complete with a man with mannequin hair!):

This tasty looking roast chicken:

Take that, August target!!!

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