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A Task for my Merry Followers


Right. I have been doing lots of reading over the last few days (Thanks Woman’s Health and the internet). I have done learning about how if you want to keep weight off, you have to knock off the white stuff (potatoes, white rice, white bread and so on). Ze Germans have done a study on this. People who knock off (most) of the white stuff after finishing their quest to skinnyness stay skinny.

I have also learnt that Christmas Day is a legal day of eating whatever you like.

So, post Christmas, I have a task for everyone. Eat like a caveman for a week. As in, you’re allowed lean meat, fruit, veges and nuts/seeds. No milk, cheese, bread, processed foods – just caveman. We’ll be doing this on return from holiday. And I am expecting you to as well – and to post your results. It is a good detox after the gorge that is Christmas.

Yum yum yum!

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“A Task for my Merry Followers”

  1. December 15th, 2010 at 8:37 pm      Reply Heidi Says:

    OMG I cant give them up FOREVERRR…they are all my favourites! and what about all the studies that show that carby things arent THAt evil- that a well balanced diet is best?? there are condratictions taht I am holding onto- I CANT GIVE THEM UPPPP they love me and I love them!!

    Well I dont eat white bread anyway. Unless its the occasional chicken bun or tigey bread- but that is hardly ever.
    Is Pasta considered white? what about the green pasta?

    And also does like a stewed piece of lean meat count as lean meat? just to make it nicer- with onion, and water and flavour etc??

  2. December 18th, 2010 at 8:12 pm      Reply kristina Says:

    LOL – I thought the same about white stuff. I still have the occasional white bun/tigey bread too. And yes, pasta is white unless you get the brown stuff (which isn’t too bad really). Yes to stewed meat, as long as you haven’t added a whole lot of fat to the cooking mixture. Mmmm… stewed meattttt……

    Hehe, we all love them, and they love us – if anything they love us a bit much and we must replace! Replace with goodnessy wholegrains and lean meat and other yummy stuff. How about trying for a 50/50 mix to start with if you just can’t give them up.

    Ooh I was reading packets in the supermarket yesterday – lots of rice crackers are white based. The corn thins we like are wholegrain so they are alright. And if you need bread for sammies, the Molemburg Balance is alright, it’s made with wheatmeal flour and is very very low in Kj.

  3. December 19th, 2010 at 7:57 pm      Reply Heidi Says:

    OKAY…that doesnt sound SO bad…

    although we had baked potatoes last night oooooo yum.

    I will focus on behaving this week- have multi grain bread and tomatoes for lunch. Am quite concerned because now that its getting a bit warmer I am def noticing thighs rubbing together when wearing a skirt. ET. So I have cracked out the windsor pilates sculpting circle and have been doing exercises on that and slow/rapid/slow cycling.

    Might try to get some ok running shoes this week- so that I can go for a fat burning walk- very hilly here!

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