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Week Something or other…


Sorry for the lack of updates once again. Life is busy.

I forgot to put up measurements last Sunday, so let us catch up:

Bust: 121cm
Waist: 111cm
Hips: 131cm
Upper Arm: 43cm
Thigh: 71cm

No change. Grrr.

And the scales have gone crazy – I think they have finally succumbed to the wees of the cat. Alas.

Anyway, this week is going well, sort of, so far. Yesterday I did Balance, but hurt me knee during a variation of Down Dog. It hurts quite a bit. So today I went swimming (as in actual swimming, not just an aquajog) – gosh, I had forgotten that it is quite the workout! I did 1km, which isn’t too bad for a beginner. I dug out my flippers and zipped up and down – it’s very good apprently as it is cardio AND resistance all at the same time. I think I will replace my usual Thursday aquajog with a proper swim and see if that makes any difference. I was quite puffed after a few laps, but I get puffed at the gym and keep going so I think it’s similar in “value”.

Anyway, aqua tomorrow night, and a swim on Thursday.

That’s all for now.

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“Week Something or other…”

  1. January 26th, 2011 at 5:30 pm      Reply lynn Says:

    Hooray, thats good that your fliippers have finally come to light and that you are actually swimming which, in the past, has done the trick for shedding the kilos. Hope your knee is OK. Will ring tonight at 8.30 ish just to see about the weekend and stuff. Out at Whangara last night till 10.30 pm. Anyway, keep it up with the image of your dresss in your minds eye.

    Love mum

  2. January 27th, 2011 at 11:01 pm      Reply Heidi Says:

    And when you are swimming- keep in mind that old bag we used to do aqua aerobics with that kept trying to beat us – the furious peddler! lmao…and overlap her in your head!!

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